Yosemite National Park fires?

31 07 2008

Wow, I’m finally headed to Yosemite and want to take some great photographs and images for my website. Now there’s a fire call Telegraph or something similar to that. The Telegraph fire is spreading north and east towards Yosemite. Smoke from the fires can be seen on various webcams. I’ll either end up with smoky photographs, or the normal high sierra blue sky puffy white clouds images. Make sure to check back after August 14th to see the photoghraphs.


Pinhoti National Recreation Trail – Loop trip, May 2008

23 07 2008

Visit new photographs and images from my trip to Alabama’s Pinhoti trail to see pictures from our May 2008 trip.  We were in the Adam’s Gap area and made a huge loop in two days that incorporated the Chinabee Silent Trail and the Skyline Trail in the loop with the Pinhoti Trail.

The trail is rolling enough to provide changes in scenery.  Pine forests and wet creeks make for lots of plant varieties.  The hills aren’t too big to burn you out on climbs.  This is a very scenic trip and other hikers were amazingly absent even for a weekend.  The only concentration of people was near the shelter at the creek. The views along the river and from the mountain tops are pretty nice. Lots of people don’t realize Alabama has mountains.

Coming soon – photoghraphs of National Parks, State Parks, and lots of other cool stuff

26 10 2007

Visit our website at GroundedGraphics.com to view photos of National Parks, State Parks and lots of other cool stuff. We’ll be adding tons of photos and images first and creating links to enable purchasing prints after we get the architecture and photos up.

We’ll have photos of National Parks, digitally created “fun” stuff by our children, and photo’s of Karen’s fine art that has been photographed and available for printing. Some of these are exquisite and we hope you enjoy the prints as much as our family and friends who purchased the originals.

Please be patient while we get things going.

And check back often.